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by Mike Zwingman

by Mike Zwingman

This is the week of the year during which I usually publish a letter to Santa and ask for a whole bunch of cool stuff, like new boots and a lot of precipitation for us. But today, instead of asking for things, I have some thanks to give instead. (So Santa is off the hook. He took the whole precipitation thing a bit too far last year anyhow.)

Last month, I had the distinct privilege of traveling to California to witness CVA receive the Ag Retail Association’s Precision Impact Award for the Western U.S. I’ll toot our horn for a second and tell you that that’s no small deal. It was an honor to receive the award and a moment of serious recognition for CVA and particularly our ACS team.

More so though, accepting the award made me feel immensely thankful. For CVA, for our incomparable ACS team, and, of course, for you all and the trust you place with us.

When we were starting to put things together for the ACS team at Central Valley Ag just a year and a half ago, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how it might turn out. There were enough big personalities on in the room(one of them and maybe the biggest being me) to suggest that it might be a train wreck, but instead what came of it was a talented group of individuals devoted to big ideas, hard work, and most importantly the success of the people it serves. More than it is a piece of recognition, the award is a piece of evidence of exactly how successful this process has been.MAO1040sunrise

The rest of the Central Valley Ag team is no different. I can’t think of a group more committed to their craft, to constant improvement, to changing the world one acre at a time. Their drive and desire to make a difference is one reason they bring such value to growers. Many of them, like myself, witnessed and survived the 80s and personally understand your risk and struggle. They know that in today’s tough climate your continued success depends on innovation (since you can’t just pick up seed or filter dealing on the side here in the 21st century) and that that innovation requires all their fight, all their tricks, and their complete dedication to your operation.

And then there’s you. Everything above—the ACS team, CVA, the award—doesn’t exist without you, couldn’t exist if not for your participation in our programs and platforms from scouting to RD to VRT. A heartfelt thanks, dear friends, for your trust in us, sometimes despite ourselves.

Not one of us takes your trust lightly. I promise that we will always honor your trust in us by helping you make decisions that are relevant to your operation, make a difference to your bottom line, and ensure the sustainability of you and your family’s livelihood for generations. We will lose as much sleep as you do. We will work just as hard. We will invest just as much because we are intrinsically tied to your success.Blue-Box-e1409667504172

And we will never assume that we’ll be part of your future. We have to earn our spot there through what we do for you in the present.

Ten years from now, probably even a year from now, you won’t remember that we got some award. You’ll remember though how we impacted you, how hard we worked, how committed we were to your success. So that’s the goal, friends. I can’t tell you what 2016 might bring, but I can tell you that if you continue to trust us, we’ll weather whatever it brings together and continue to honor your trust with ideas, service, and assistance that brings value to you and supports the success of all your endeavors as a grower.