Tips to Prepare for Fall Calving Season

Larry Morehead

Larry Morehead

With fall calving season nearing and spring calving season just around the corner, now is the time to evaluate your cow herd.  A strong cow herd will help make the calving season go smoother and set your herd up for success in the next breeding season.

Body condition: It is important to maintain a body condition score (BCS) between 4.5 and 5.5 during the final trimester.  A high body condition score allows for improved calving ease along with higher quality colostrum. After calving it is harder to add body condition, so it is extremely important that they are in really good condition before calving.

Equipment: Don’t wait until you have problems to develop a plan.  Before calving season make sure you have a clean calving area, calf jacks, obstetric chains and good functioning lights for night-time calving problems.

After the calf arrives safely, make sure the calf consumes at least one quart of colostrum within six hours of birth.  This is also a good time to make sure the calf is getting up and around without any motor function problems. To get off on a really good start health-wise, the calf should consume three quarts of colostrum within the first 24 hours of life.


Crystalyx supplement tubs can help with the BCS of your cow by supplementing available forages for better weight gains without the need for additional feeding equipment. Providing minerals, such as UFC’s Power Cow or Tall Grass products, will help the cow produce high quality colostrum milk containing increased levels of antibodies for her newborn calf. 

Contact your nearest UFC location for more information on our complete line of Crystalyx supplements and the Power Cow and Tall Grass mineral program, which are tailored to match your local grazing and feeding conditions with the nutrient needs of your herd.  We can help you determine the best way to fit these products into your cow-calf program to deliver an optimal return on your investment.