UFC 2014 Fungicide Program


Zach Steinmeyer

It’s that time of year again where we are trying to help you, our producer, maximize your input investment.  If they haven’t already contacted you, the FSA team at UFC will be out to visit with you soon to discuss using fungicide at tassel on your corn acres.

The benefits of using a fungicide during the reproductive stage in corn include protecting the plant from diseases and lowering its stress during the grain fill period.  Diseases like Southern Rust and Gray Leaf Spot can and have historically caused significant yield damage when conditions favor infections.  The reason for this is that 60 percent of the energy needed for grain fill is derived from the top four leaves of the corn plant; so protecting everything above the ear leaf is paramount to success.


This year’s program is going to be much like the programs in previous years, as it is going to help you lock in a competitive price for the application with a small down payment.  This year we are going to offer you more product choices to best meet your needs and preferences.  With your early commitment to the UFC Fungicide program, we are able to get the application maps made in advance and loaded into the system.  As a result, when it is time to run we can maximize our efficiency and best optimize our workload to spray your acres in a timely manner.

Using a fungicide during this time period has become a more common practice every year.  Why not take advantage of making the decision and lining up the application early this year?  If you have any questions about products, pricing or the program in general, please contact your local United Farmers Cooperative FSA and they would be happy to assist you.