UFC Announces 2013 Fungicide Program

With the dawn of the New Year comes the opportunity to plan ahead for fungicide needs on all of your 2013 crop acres. United Farmers Cooperative has announced their 2013 Fungicide Program, which offers growers the opportunity to lock in a guaranteed maximum price for their fungicide spraying. The UFC Fungicide Max Price Program can be purchased for $23.25 per acre (after rebates) for summer aerial application. With input prices demonstrating extreme volatility for 2013, this is a unique opportunity for growers to gain price stability for an important aspect of profitable crop production.

Growers can either book their fungicide needs or prepay by March 15, 2013 to qualify for the Fungicide Max Price program. A non-refundable down payment of $2.00 per acre is required upon signing the contract. UFC will negotiate the best value from their suppliers, and if it is lower than the contracted amount, 50% of the difference will be refunded to the grower. UFC will complete all applicable Grower Rebates, which will be paid to the grower.

For those growers that have specific preferences for the fungicide used on their acres, UFC also offers the Growers Choice Program with competitive pricing available on all of the key fungicide products. Contact your local FSA for further details and pricing on this program.

One of the products often selected by growers is Stratego® YLD from Bayer Crop Science. Stratego® YLD offers growers an improved spectrum of protection that can keep their plants healthier for higher yield potential. Stratego® YLD contains the latest triazole technology on the market paired with a leading strobilurin chemistry. These two modes of action offer both preventative and curative activity. The combination provides farmers with lasting, all-around plant coverage and broad-spectrum control through its effective retention and redistribution characteristics. In 81 on-farm trials of early season applications of Stratego® YLD on corn, farmers experienced an average increase of 7.6 bushels per acre.