UFC Invests in CNG Business

United Farmers Cooperative (UFC) announced today that it has invested in J & J Compression, LLC to develop compressed natural gas (CNG) stations across Nebraska.  Carl Dickinson, CEO for UFC, stated “We are excited to be involved in leading the introduction of CNG technology to the Nebraska marketplace.  This investment allows us to be a leader in building the CNG fueling infrastructure Nebraska needs to allow the transition of more vehicles to be powered by natural gas.  This project aligns very well with our mission to provide innovative products, services and information that grows stakeholder value.”


Dick Munn, VP of Energy for UFC, commented “We recently converted trucks in our fleet to operate on dual fuels of diesel and CNG.  Based on the projected operational savings provided by utilizing natural gas as an alternative fuel source, we look forward to converting more vehicles in our UFC fleet as well as those of UFC customers and area fleet operations.  Our first CNG station will open in November 2013 at the Sapp Bros. Travel Stop located on Cornhusker Highway in northeast Lincoln, with plans already in development for additional stations in strategic locations across the Midlands.”

J & J Compression, headquartered in Lincoln NE, was formed to build an infrastructure of CNG filling stations through strategic partnerships and alliances.  J & J Compression operates stations under the trade name of Stirk CNG.  Stirk provides expertise in developing CNG stations from the conception stage to the completed project.  Steve Knuth, VP of Stirk, stated “One of the biggest obstacles in converting to CNG is the up-front capital cost. Stirk offers customers a unique strategy to finance those costs, and allow them to transition to CNG without affecting their budget.” More information about Stirk CNG is available on their website at www.strikcng.com.