What You Missed

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by Mike Zwingman

by Mike Zwingman

There was no article last week.

Maybe you noticed.

No? Well then, where in the world were you?

Me? I was a little tied up with six RD Summer Series Road Shows in two weeks’ time.

If you’ve found yourself a bit busy lately—maybe so busy, say, that you didn’t check for an article last week, or so busy, say, that you didn’t actually see the Summer Series—I get it. You have a lot going on and I support you, so let me take the space here to provide a little recap of what you might have missed.

Because in my humble estimation, the content of the Summer Series was the best it’s ever been. That was due to the hard work of all involved, particularly the Advanced Cropping Systems, Marketing, and Agronomy Sales teams. To members of those teams reading this article, please accept my great gratitude for your work. And many of the discussions that occurred over the course of those six days were top notch. That was due to the fantastic engagement of those of you in attendance—thank you for not just choosing to come, but for choosing to participate meaningfully in our event.

_MAO2447Anyhow, for those of you not yet in the choir, here’s what you missed:

  • Some awesome Answer Plot stands. Seriously. They look really good. Solid yield potential this year, which is super exciting.
  • Ideas about how to manage to maximum profit in our current economic climate.
  • Thoughts about how to best capitalize upon our current potential.
  • Info on any and all of the essential agronomic pillars as they apply to this year’s crop.
  • A careful and practical diagnosis of where our plants are developmentally.

I won’t go into the blow by blow of each point because to do so goes against one of the guiding principles of this year’s series, which was to seek what you want to know. So instead, I’ll refer you to your Central Valley Field Sales Agronomist, who was not simply in attendance at the series, but an intimate part of its development and success.Blue-Box-e1409667504172

So. Ask your FSA what he or she learned from the series. Ask them what they thought was most impactful. Ask them why you should come in August when we stage it all again.

Because, as always, the RD Summer Series will be back and I hope that we might rope you in next time around with an event as impactful as this last one was.