Whole Farm Planning Starts Now!

Planning is one of the most important aspects of managing any business.  This is especially true for farms due to their complexity and the inherent uncertainties (e.g., commodity prices and weather) associated with agriculture.  It is essential that farm managers take time to adequately plan for all facets of their business.  At United Farmers Cooperative we encourage the use of a whole farm planning approach when developing strategies for the future success of your business.

by Mike Egger, Field Sales Agronomist

How is whole farm planning different from the planning you already do on your farm?  Most farmers plan nearly every day.  Whole farm planning is different from other approaches because it ties all the planning you do together for the whole farm and bases decisions on your long-term vision.  Increasing yields, hybrid selection, fertility and chemical planning are a few of the factors considered when building a whole farm plan.  The Field Planning Guide includes these sections:

  1. What are the specific yield goals for this field?
  2. What is the field capable of producing?
  3. What are the key factors that might be limiting productivity?
  4. Can specific weed or disease pressure be identified for the field?
  5. What genetic characteristics will be best suited to maximize yield potential of the field?
  6. Where in the harvest sequence is this field positioned?

Your UFC sales professional will assist you in identifying important factors that may limit the profitability of your fields and provide the appropriate solutions to enhance potential yields.  Please contact your local FSA today and start creating your Whole Farm Planning Guide.