Successful Annual Meeting for the New CVA

(York, NE) – The member-­‐owners of Central Valley Ag Cooperative (CVA) had their first Annual Meeting as a newly merged Cooperative on November 24, 2014. Over 200 Member-­‐Owners traveled to the Veterans for Foreign Wars facility in Columbus, NE  to  attend  the meeting. Central  Valley  Ag,  having  recently  merged  with United  Farmers  Cooperative  provided  statistics  on  just  how  beneficial the recent merger has  proven  to  be  for  it’s  member-­‐owners, reporting a combined $21.5  Million  in  Local  Net  Profit, $17.3 Million Cash Returned  to  Member-­‐Owners  and  $38  Million Re-­‐invested in assets for the Member-­‐Owners.

“These kind of results only happen by having great people,” said Carl Dickinson, CEO of Central Valley Ag. Carl went on to congratulate the attendees on forming what he believes to be the strongest local farmer-­‐owned Cooperative ever. Dave  Beckman, CVA’s Chairman of their Board of Directors, couldn’t agree more. Dave spoke highly of his peers saying, “I want to thank the board of directors for your vision for the future, and fulfilling your responsibility as a board member to the Cooperative, to position CVA to give our members the best possible service and access to world markets for generations to come.”

The Board of Directors of Central Valley Ag Cooperative (CVA) and United Farmers Cooperative (UFC) met July 1 to ratify the votes casted by their respective member-­‐owners approving the merger of the two companies, which became effective September 1, 2014.

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