Shelby, NE

340 Oak Street
Shelby, NE 68662



Weekdays: 8am – 5pm



Location Spotlight

The Shelby, Nebraska location is home to 15 full-time employees as well as 4 seasonal employees over the course of the year. These employees are instrumental in allowing CVA to offer a broad spectrum of supplies and services to its area customers. Not only does CVA run a dry floater, a liquid floater and 3 row crop sprayers out of this location, but it also offers bulk seed treating and handles NH3.

Agronomy is not the only department this location caters to. Its proximity to the railroad allows it to load its supply of various grain commodities to be shipped by rail. Last year alone this location loaded a total of 2809 rail cars. This included white corn and milo shuttles which was a first for this location. Energy is another department that offers services out of Shelby. Propane and fuel deliveries are made out of here, and it is also home to a cardtrol location.

Further details regarding facilities: Shelby has grain storage enough for 3.8 million bushels. There are 2 concrete elevators, 3 flat storage buildings, and 1 bunker. Shelby has bulk chemical storage of 24,000 gallons, 10,000 unit bulk soybean storage, and 1,575,000 gallons for liquid fertilizer storage.

IMG_6631Needless to say the diversity of products and services available keeps employees busy. However, many of these employees still find time to be active within the community. For example, 2 of Shelby’s employees are members of the local fire departments, and 1 employee is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Committee.

It is evident that Shelby is a well rounded location and group of employees. It is also rich in its history. Previous to the move to its current location in York, Nebraska, Shelby was the home to the corporate office of both the Farmers Coop Business Association and United Farmers Cooperative before its merger last year with Central Valley Ag.

A big thank you goes to the Shelby location and its employees for their contribution to the continued success of Central Valley Ag.