Fertigation – Not for Everyone, but Essential for Irrigators
Jan 18, 2019

I'm fully aware that not every grower has an irrigation system. As I stand on my patio, overlooking several miles of countryside here in Knox County Nebraska, I can only see one pivot. Irrigation Systems are essential for some and desired by others. At times, they are cursed by those that have them and longed for by those that don’t. But when push comes to shove, they are an essential part of crop production in the Western Corn Belt, whether you have them or not. Why are they essential, even to operations that don’t have them you might ask? Because logistically they are (or should be) a key part in our application of Nitrogen whenever we are growing corn below them.

Let our Team at CVA help your Reptile get the Best Possible Nutrition
Jan 14, 2019

 After working with reptiles at a local county fair, I have developed an interest in reptile nutrition. Like any other living creature our reptiles require certain nutrients, so they must have a complete balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle plan. The species age and activity will determine the number of available nutrients required. Just a few examples of the reptiles I'm referring to are turtles, lizards, iguanas, and bearded dragons.

Filling Your Days with Learning
Jan 10, 2019

Well, it looks like my winter hiatus is over, so it's time to get back into the swing of writing. As we begin 2019, we will pick back up our conversation about Nitrogen, application methods, and timing in a few weeks. The reason I am doing this is that January is a busy month for the Advanced Cropping System team here at CVA. Not only do we get the opportunity to see and visit with many of you at the multitude of farm shows that fill the calendar in January, but we also get to spend a considerable amount of time focusing on my favorite topic. Of course, I am talking about planters.

Great Goat Nutrition
Jan 07, 2019

There are many benefits to owning a goat. And with the amount of time I spend on the road and at county fairs, it is easy to see they are becoming a popular, well-loved pet across our CVA footprint. Goats are small and easy to handle with great personalities. They provide hours of entertainment and are a perfect pet for children to learn the responsibility of chores and animal care.  Goats can thrive in pastures that cattle may not benefit from and help to manage land and brush. In this blog, I would like to discuss proper goat nutrition to help producers understand the importance of nutrition in a goat herd.

Right Rate
Jan 04, 2019

Last month we introduced the concept of the 4Rs of nutrient management (right source, right rate, right time, & right place) and how they relate to manure. We talked mainly about source and the differences between different manures from different animals and how those differences can be matched up to your fertility needs. This month I want to talk about the right rate of manure to apply.   

WE ARE CVA | 2018 in Review
Jan 04, 2019

As we reflect on 2018 and look to the future of the new year, Central Valley Ag remains focused on embracing the cooperative spirit to deliver value to our members.

“I think we’ve shown and continue to show that we are committed to reinvesting. We’ve added a lot of speed and space strategically in certain areas,” said Kelby Vandenberg, grain merchandiser. “We are going to continue to do that to meet the demands of the owners.”

Our CVA Feed Division wants to Team up with You in 2019
Dec 31, 2018

Happy New Year's Eve! Like many of you, I am wondering where 2018 went and reflecting on everything this year has brought. I am thankful for a smooth calving season with healthy calves that were weaned in Sept. and sold just last week. Harvest lasted longer than desired, but the crops are out, and the cows are on stalks. My horses are enjoying a break from getting hauled to barrel races and mounted shooting competitions and are adjusting well to winter life on the farm checking cows.  Now I am setting goals for myself, as well as goals for you, the customer, to help make 2019 another successful year.

Nursery Pig Performance
Dec 24, 2018

Majority of swine feeders say early intake is a challenge in the swine operations. The change from liquid to a solid diet with ingredients that aren't as easily digestible often cause pigs to back off feed. This, along with a new social structure and reduced water intake, hurts the immature immune system and creates digestive upset and diarrhea. While discussing solutions with producers, our swine specialists know the importance of a good start and how it affects a pig throughout its growth stages.

Old Iron – Turning the old Coulter Machine into a Modern Applicator
Dec 20, 2018

This week we are continuing our theme of talking about splitting up our Nitrogen application. We have covered pre-emergence and planting time, so now we move into the in-season application. I fully understand that in-season application can be tricky. We have to balance the timing and growth stage with the weather, and it seems that the deck is always stacked against us. And to be fair, those were two pretty big reasons (weather and timing) why many people parked their sidedress machine in the tree line 15 years ago. But, they were not the only reasons, and I know there is a way to put that machine back to work for Nitrogen application.

Fuel Contracting is the Key to Insulating One's Operations From Extreme Risk
Dec 19, 2018

To assist producers in controlling their planting and harvest expenses, Central Valley Ag strives to offer various forms of refined fuel contracting programs. Similar to many commodity markets, the petroleum market changes on a daily basis. Many times, the high demand season for petroleum during times of planting, harvest and travel are accompanied with higher prices.

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