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Limit your risk of grass tetany issues with Hi Mag mineral

April 15, 2019

With the warmer weather and spring rains, pastures are starting to turn green as well as the growing cover crops. After a long, muddy, and cold calving season, most of us will be relieved to get cow calf pairs turned out on grass and out of the calving lots. In the last week, I have had many calls about getting started on hi-mag mineral. Factors such as soil temperature, moisture, and a producer's fertilization program play a role in grass tetany. The best time to start feeding hi mag mineral is 3-4 weeks prior to turnout on lush green pastures or cover crops and to continue to feed the mineral for another 3 weeks while on pasture.
Grass tetany is caused by low magnesium and calcium levels in the blood, with an increase seen in potassium. Since spring grass typically has the highest phosphorus level during the growing season, it's important to be alert. Grass tetany comes on quickly, but if caught early, the prognosis is usually good. Mature cows in heavy lactation are more apt to grass tetany, supposedly due to their reduced ability to mobilize mineral from the bones. Symptoms of grass tetany are incoordination, staggering, excitability, aggressive behavior, salivation, wide-eyed, and in worst cases, death. If you notice this kind of behavior, work carefully around the animal, and I'd encourage you to contact your veterinarian immediately.
CVA offers many options for Hi-Mag mineral. Tubs and loose bagged mineral are available at our retail feed locations.  Whether you want a protein tub with added mag, Availa 4 mineral during the rebreeding season, or fly control, we have an option for you. We are only 3 weeks away from May so starting a hi mag mineral program now is a great idea.
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by Brandi Salestrom
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