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Take Pride in Your Lawn

April 27, 2020

It’s the middle of April, and though it may not feel like it, lawn care season is here. There haven’t really been enough good weather days to feel pushed to begin yard work. But soon there will be more than just grass greening up in our yards…weeds will be active as well!

When we think of Spring and lawn care, we naturally think of fertilizer. But there are a couple of steps before applying that is important to consider first. Do we need to rid the yard of leaves and sticks before mowing for the first time? Is the mower tuned up with a freshly sharpened blade? Many homeowners like to set their mower blades lower than normal for the initial mowing. This enables sunlight and air to permeate deeper into the lawn and promote new growth. Lawn experts suggest occasionally power raking or aerating (plugging) the lawn to additionally help with growth and water retention. These procedures aren’t a yearly requirement but can be done every 2-3 years or more often if desired. After these procedures are accomplished it is now time to think fertilizer.  
The biggest questions regarding fertilizer application are what type of products to use and when to use them. In our part of the country, the main nuisance in most lawns is crabgrass. If untreated, this weed goes un-noticed until mid-summerr when it can really start to take over a lawn. Not only is crabgrass unsightly when growing, but it also chokes out the grass in the lawn, leaving it thinner and even more vulnerable to additional weeds. A good way to prevent this problem is with a fertilizer application in the Spring containing a pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass from germinating. Most pre-emergents claim a four-month period of efficacy. In some instances, a second application later in the season can also be done. 

After our initial period of Spring yard work, the next issues will be broadleaf weeds (dandelions), insect activity (grubs), and lawn diseases. There are great products available to control these issues. Some are incorporated with fertilizer, and some are treatment-only products. 

Interest in caring for lawns and the pride and satisfaction of doing it yourself continues to grow throughout the country. There are a wide variety of great products and lawn programs available to assist in this process. Have a healthy and GREEN Spring!

By Warren Ortmeier 

Lawn care products are available at CVA’s West Point, Nebraska location.
Contact: 402-372-5303

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