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Fall Weed Control

August 29, 2019

We normally think of weed control as a summer activity. Sometimes the difficulty of controlling winter annuals means we need to change our focus. Problem winter annuals such as marestail may require a different game plan than we use with most weeds we need to control in our fields.

Summer annual weeds act much like our corn, soybean, and sorghum crops - they germinate in the spring and early summer and can be controlled when they are actively growing alongside our crop or, better yet, before they sprout. Winter annuals will often germinate in the fall and grow after we harvest our crop. They will go dormant over the winter and start growing again over the summer. Unless you walk your fields, you often will not even notice them until spring when they come out of dormancy and really start to grow.   Unfortunately, they can be more difficult to control once that happens. A good example is marestail after it starts to bolt.

A good way to get on top of this problem is to use a fall herbicide that has some residual effect as well and killing weeds already growing. These fall herbicide options are often very reasonably priced and can give you a little extra time to get your spring herbicides on before significant weed pressure hits your fields. In this week’s Agronomy Focus video, Thad Russell, Field Sales Agronomist from our Hampton, Neb. location, and I discuss this issue and talk about strategies to control problem winter annuals such as marestail.  
By Tim Mundorf, Nutrient Management Lead



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