Change taking place between West Point and Scribner Feed Mills

December 3, 2018

Our feed team has been working tirelessly to make the bulk feed mill change from West Point, NE to Scribner, NE as easy as possible for our beef feed customers. Starting today- Monday, December 3, 2018, producers who need bulk feed should call the Scribner Central Valley Ag Mill at 402.664.2256 or myself at 402.870.1602 for feed orders. All mixes will be in the computer system at Scribner, along with the same products your cattle have been currently receiving. So rest assure your cattle will continue to get the same quality feed they are used to.
 Safety and feed quality are important to our feed team. Thus, to continue serving our customers to the best of our ability, we believed the mill move is necessary. I encourage producers to stop in to the Scribner mill location and meet with staff members while getting acquainted with the location.
With this being said, know that the West Point Central Valley Ag feed location will continue to serve the area with their wide selection of bags, tubs, and blocks that producers may need for livestock.  Thank you for your continued business and we look forward to serving you and your operation for many years to come.
by Brandi Salestrom
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