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WEARECVA | Sara Sublett

December 14, 2018

Sara Sublett wears many hats. She works as the CVA Location Manager at the Courtland, Kansas elevator, serves as 4-H project leader and completes several wood working projects in her free time. But her favorite title of them all is “Mom.”
Sara has worked at the Courtland location for over 15 years. Through changes in management and companies, Sara moved up the ladder to take on the role as location manager in 2014.
“It turned out it was a natural fit,” she says. “It felt great and the guys working here openly accepted it, they welcomed it if anything because I’ve been helping them for many years, just in other aspects of their day to day work.”

While Sara accomplishes daily tasks at work including managing employees, overseeing projects mentoring other employees, and maintaining and promoting safety awareness, she also has two children, Erica, 14, and Ethan, 11, at home who she works hard to support.
“It is definitely a challenge being a mother and a location manager at the same time,” Sara says. “You’re trying to balance your time between work and your personal life and there is a strain.”
Although at times she may face difficult challenges, Sara hasn’t let the responsibility of raising a family stop her from pursuing her career.
“Women in management roles is something that I feel like women can handle, and we do handle it well—we do it every day of our lives,” Sara says. “We’re not afraid to ask questions or ask for help or just go out there and do it ourselves some days. We’re strong creatures and we can do just about anything.”
While working in a male dominated industry, Sarah hopes to show her daughter specifically the value of work ethic and persistence.  
“What I want my daughter to realize for values in my job is that hard work does pay off, not being afraid to stand up and if you have an opinion voice it,” Sara says.

“Sometimes it’s those ideas that start something new, so don’t be afraid to say something.”
                                                                                                            Written by Molly Bertz, 2018 CVA Marketing Intern 
Video by Molly Bertz and Janelle Marney, 2018 CVA Marketing Interns 
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