What is Availa 4 mineral and when should producers incorporate it in their feed program?

December 17, 2018

Trace minerals have become popular in the last few years, and Availa 4 is a word our cattle customers at CVA hear frequently. Availa 4 consists of Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, and Manganese. These trace minerals help promote better immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof quality, muscle development, growth, and milk production. Also, when an animal has a proper balance of these minerals, dealing with stress becomes an easier task.
An Availa 4 tub comes in a cooked molasses plastic tub. These tubs are weather resistant, palatable, and offer consistent consumption. An advantage of a tub is that you don't have to buy a feeder and cuts down on labor costs! One tub is required for every 25-30 head and should be placed in areas where animals congregate. Consumption is ¼ to ½ lb. per head, daily.
Loose Availa 4 mineral comes in many options. Whether you are looking for a 12 or 7.5 phosphorus level or needing it during the hi-mag season, we will have a product for you. The loose mineral is also weatherized and palatable and comes in a 50lb bag. Consumption of a noncomplete (no salt) mineral is 2 ounces, where a complete mineral (has salt) will be 4 ounces.
With Calving season quickly approaching, I encourage producers to start feeding Availa 4 mineral 60-days prior to calving and continue through breeding. At Central Valley Ag, we offer pallet discounts so stop by your nearest feed location or contact a member of the feed team, and we would be happy to discuss Availa 4 mineral options. Don't forget to visit us at www.cvacoop.com and look under the feed tab to learn more about our feed department.

by Brandi Salestrom
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