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Bio-Mos: Preventing Scours and Promoting Year-Around Health

December 9, 2019

Most of us have heard about Bio-Mos, but do you know the multiple purposes it can serve to your animal? Bio-Mos is an Alltech technology that is a multi-species feed supplement used to support gut integrity and overall animal performance at any stage of production. This unique product has features that promote good bacteria and enhance gut health to maximize feed utilization and builds natural defenses. Bio-Mos is derived from a selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast using a proprietary process developed by Alltech.  Alltech states this product has had market presence for more than 20 years and is supported by over 734 trials and 114 peer- reviewed publications.

Studies have shown the leading causes of calf death are due to scours, pneumonia, and a small amount of unknown issues, with scours being over 60%. A USDA: APHIS Dairy study in 96 stated that 62% of all calf deaths occur by 21 days of age. The leading causes of scours are nutrition issues, unfavorable weather, and overcrowding of animals. Signs of scours are runny stools that are yellow, brown, green, or gray in color with some even containing small flecks of blood. Moving those older calves out to other areas during calving and separating sick calves are good management practices to avoid spreading scours. Just like us, our cattle have billions of good and bad bacteria in their intestinal tract and if the bad bacteria overtakes the good bacteria, health is affected, and more than likely, antibiotics are needed. The disadvantage to this is that the antibiotics can kill to good bacteria along with the bad. Bio-Mos is able to support the good bacteria and natural defenses to achieve optimum gut health.

How soon to calving time should Bio-Mos be added to a cow’s program? 2-4 weeks prior to calving is a great time to start and continue to supplement until the calf is at least 45 days old. Bio-Mos supplementation prior to calving has shown to improve colostrum quality. Bio-Mos can be added to a mineral supplement or fed as a top dress in a TMR. Besides calving, supplementation of Bio-Mos in preconditioning rations promotes a healthy gut supporting overall animal performance, and improved gut health to help increase nutrient absorption, resulting in more efficient feed conversions. For more information or to place an order that best fits your herds needs, visit with your CVA Feed Specialist.

by Brandi Salestrom
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