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Feed Order Reminder & Bulk Horse Feed

December 23, 2019

Our Feed Team at Central Valley Ag is prepared for the holiday season and our feed mills are working hard to ensure your feed will be delivered as needed throughout the next couple weeks. We do, however, ask that you plan ahead and order feed in advance so we are able to service all customers to the best of our ability without anyone running short.  Please reach out to your mill locations or sales team member to get a feed order on the books for bulk mixes or tubs and mineral going into the next couple of weeks.

When it comes to bulk mixes, did you know that CVA offers bulk horse feed? Due to our mills not being ionophore free, we do not do custom equine grind and mixes, but we are able to get pelleted horse feeds in 1-ton totes from Purina. The two options are Strategy GX, which most horse owners are familiar with, and Impact All Stages. GX is a pelleted 14% protein concentrate formulated for any horse and life stage. This feed is safe for growing, senior, competing, breeding and recreational horses. Feeding rates will be different for each life stage and we recommend feeding 1% of a horse’s body weight in hay as well as a  free-choice salt. New to Strategy in last 2 years is the addition of the Outlast Gastric supplement. Outlast is designed to buffer the stomach Ph and help prevent, not treat, ulcers.  4lbs of Strategy GX provides a full serving of the Outlast supplement.

The 2nd bulk horse feed option, Impact All Stages,  is a 12% pellet. This feed is also formulated for horses of all stages and activity. The high quality protein and added amino acids support growth and performance while added fat from vegetable oils provide sustainable energy and a shiny coat. When fed as directed, Impact 12% will meet your horse’s nutrient requirements. The vitamin and mineral fortification supports bone strength, as well as immune and reproductive function. All Purina horse feeds are formulated by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists with ingredients proven through time by research and overall horse health. These bulk totes do require at least a week notice. They are not floor stocked because we strive to keep our horse feeds fresh, thus providing you the best quality feed possible.

For any questions about bulk horse feed options or placing an order for the holiday season, contact your local feed sales specialist or mill location. We appreciate your business in the 2019 season and hope everyone has a great rest of December.
by Brandi Salestrom
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