Are you looking for that perfect tub for your horse this winter/spring?

February 25, 2019

Central Valley Ag can help you supplement your horses with an 18% protein all-natural tub from Running Horse. During the cold winter months, some of us may not feed our horses like we do during the summer and the convenience of these tubs makes chore time much faster.  

These easy-to-handle, 100 lb tubs are cooked molasses and can be offered free-choice to all classes of horses. However, your horses must have adequate pasture or roughage available to go along with these tubs. If you are concerned about a horse's nutrition, it is important that they are first caught up on salt and mineral before starting them on one of these tubs. Recommended consumption is 1-2 lbs per head per day.  Consumption will vary by weight of the horse and quality of forage.  One tub should be provided for every 10-20 horses. To properly manage intake, move tubs closer to a water source to increase consumption or move farther away from water and loafing areas to decrease intake.  

To determine the actual supplementation needs of your horse or any animal, we recommend testing your forages. This is something which we are happy to do for you. This process is something we frequently do for our cattle customers and usually have results within a week. As many horse owners are aware, selenium levels more than 0.3 ppm in a diet is prohibited, so management and intakes are essential to monitor. Besides the 18% protein, these tubs offer, here is the guaranteed analysis:

Our equine specialists are available to stop by and visit with you about your horse program, whether it’s for a tub, grain, supplement, or mineral program.  Visit and click under the feed tab to find a specialist in your area or reach out to me at
by Brandi Salestrom
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