CVA Spring Mineral Promotion is here!

February 11, 2019

Booking season is here! Now through May 1, 2019, take advantage of the discounts offered from CVA, as well as being entered in a drawing with your local feed sales specialist for a 60qt Cabelas cooler. This promotion is available for CVA, Purina, and Hubbard mineral products. Receive a $20 discount per ton for booking up to 4 ton of mineral, a $40 discount per ton on up to 19 ton and for any tons over that amount, a great discount of $60 off per ton! All mineral orders must be billed and picked up by May 1, 2019, to qualify for the discount.  Please keep in mind this is for mineral only, so our protein tubs do not apply. To help producers know how much they will need we also incorporated a mineral intake card to the back of the flier.

Some great mineral options to pre-book would be Availa 4, Altosid or XPC. 60 days prior to calving is an ideal time to get your cowherd, as well as your bulls, started on Availa 4 mineral. These organic trace minerals help with immunity, hoof health, and reproductive performance. Availa 4 comes in a tub or loose mineral option. Despite the cold weather we have been dealing with, it’s time to start thinking about fly control mineral as well. 30 days prior to thaw is when we need to start fly control and feed it into the first fall frost to get the most out of the program. Remember, this mineral does not keep flies off cattle, but it is an insect growth regulator. The mineral passes through the cow into manure, breaking up the lifecycle by not allowing pupa to develop past this stage. Finally, XPC mineral is a product from Diamond V that has been showing great results in gut health. As a cattle producer, anything we can do protect calves from scours, feeder cattle from going off feed, or to help increased milk production in our cows, I feel should be utilized.

 Reach out to your CVA beef sales specialist or myself at for any questions you may have on the mineral promotion or to book an order and be entered in the drawing for 1 the Calebela coolers. Visit our CVA feed page at to find a sales specialist and retail location in your area.
by Brandi Salestrom

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