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Gift Cards for Gallons 2019

February 8, 2019

I have heard it said that agriculture is the lifeblood of America. Every day farmers and ranchers get up early and work late to tend to the crops and livestock to earn their wage. Every year, like a well-oiled machine, you can count on them to put food on the table for countless people in the world. Just as a farmer works day in and day out to put food on the table for many, Cenex® lubricants work on that same schedule. They help keep the farmer’s equipment running smoothly for years to come.

As spring is approaching fast, I wanted to update you on a valuable program that can put money back in your pocket this year. As you consider the maintenance costs of your equipment, the Cenex “Gift Cards for Gallons” program may just be what you are looking for. Here are the details of this program.
This promotion ends February 28th, 2019. For every 125 gallons of qualifying Cenex lubricants you purchase from Central Valley Ag from November 1, 2018, through February 28, 2019, you will receive a $50.00 Visa gift card. There is no limit to the gallons you can buy during this four-month promotion period or the number of Visa gift cards you can earn. Listed below are the qualifying Cenex lubricants that are eligible (most commonly needed products). Plus, greases are also eligible towards the 125-gallon threshold.

Qualifying Products:

  • Maxtron® DEO Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Oil

  • Maxtron® Enviro-Edge® Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

  • Superlube TMS® Conventional Diesel Engine Oil

  • Superlube 518® Conventional Diesel Engine Oil

  • Maxtron® GL Full Synthetic EP Gear lubricant

  • Maxtron® THF+ Full Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

  • MP Gear Lube

  • Qwiklift® HTB® Hydraulic Fluid


  • Blueguard® 500+

  • HD Moly Extreme

  • Maxtron® EP

  • Maxtron® FS

  • ML 365®

  • Molyplex 500+

  • Poly Extreme®

  • Red Protect®

  • Fluid Gear Grease

This program allows you to fill your oil totes early so you are not worrying about managing your inventory throughout your busy spring season. It also allows you to be ready for the unexpected breakdown during the busy spring as well. If you are currently considering your input costs for 2019 don’t overlook what Central Valley Ag can do for you when planning for the upkeep and maintenance of your farm equipment.

To learn more about this program or to place a lubricant order feel free to call me at 785-534-0298 or email me at Thank you for allowing Central Valley Ag to be your Cenex® lubricants supplier.

Written by Justin Fleming, Certified Energy Specialist

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