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A Pre-Emerge Soybean Herbicide Plan

February 20, 2020

2.20.2020 | Pre-Emerge Bean Herbicide Program v1 from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

In our last Agronomy Focus, we discussed pre-emerge corn herbicides. This week we want to focus on a pre-emerge program for soybean herbicides. It can be difficult to think about weed control when the ground is frozen solid with a nice covering of snow. As strange as it seems, now is probably the best time to start a plan for weed control next season. We have more difficulty controlling some of our problem broadleaf weeds in soybeans because soybeans are not as competitive as corn. There are also fewer options in soybeans; however, we still have useful chemistries to choose from. Building a good base of a pre-emerge residual herbicide along with a burndown herbicide so we can start clean and stay clean is our goal. In our video, we talk about using a good residual to get our soybeans to canopy clean. We want very little weed competition so they can shade out many of our later germinating weeds. Two of the problem weeds we think of are palmer amaranth and waterhemp. We know they will germinate from April through September so they can cause us problems all season long. A good canopy will lessen the germination of these two weeds, but not always stop it.  

We focused on three herbicides for pre-emerge application in soybeans: Zidua Pro from BASF, Fierce from Valent, and Authority Elite from FMC. We concentrate on products with multiple modes of action (Group Numbers) and active ingredients (AIs) to combat herbicide resistance in our weeds. 

Zidua Pro contains the AIs imazethapyr (Group 2—ALS Inhibitor) saflufenacil (Group 14 -- PPO Inhibitor), and pyroxasulfone (group 15 –Shoot Inhibitor). These are the active ingredients in Pursuit, Sharpen, and Zidua, respectively.

Fierce contains flumioxazin (Group 14) and pyroxasulfone (Group 15). These are the active ingredients in Valor and Zidua. 

Authority Elite contains s-metolachlor (Group 15) and  sulfentrazone (Group 14). These are the active ingredients in Dual Magnum and Spartan.

As we discussed with corn pre-emerge herbicides, our pre-emerge bean plan needs to consider the options we want to have post-emerge for our problem weeds and our future crop rotations. We may want to use some of these same AIs post, and need to consider that when we chose pre-emerge products and application rates. Every farm and field is a little different. The best way to build a good plan for weed control that will control weeds early, when they are most vulnerable, is to work to build a program providing good residual control throughout the season. CVA is here to help you with that plan. Our Field Sales Agronomists and Location Managers have experience with these products in your area. They can help you build a program to provide season-long control. We want to help you start clean and stay clean while protecting the chemistries we have from future weed resistance.

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