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AFD Lets Us Take the Worry Out of Your Fuel Supply

February 5, 2020

Automated Fuel Delivery (AFD) lets us take the worry out of your fuel supply so you can spend time on the things that are important to your operation.

What is the Cenex Automated Fuel Delivery program? A fuel monitoring system is installed in your fuel tank (at no cost to you) so you never have to check your gauge again. When your fuel drops below a predetermined level that you set, the monitor sends an order to your fuel distribution center and a truck is automatically sent to fill your tank.

You can choose whether to pay only for fuel consumed in a 30-day period, using an average monthly price or pay on delivery, using current market value. You can buy out the fuel tank at any favorable market time or you can contract using any of Central Valley Ag’s forward contracting programs. AFD adds security in fuel supply, flexibility in payment terms and contracting options.

Once enrolled in the AFD program, you can set up an online CHS portal to access your tanks, tank levels and monitor fuel use 24/7. All of your tank information can be at your fingertips.

What fuels can be delivered? Commercial businesses, farms, ranches and private homes can receive a variety of fuels, including CENEX RUBY FIELDMASTER®, CENEX ROADMASTER XL®, CENEX BIODIESEL FUELS, Cenex gasolines (unleaded), #1 and #2 seasonal diesel fuels and home heating fuels. Our fuels come direct from the terminal so you can know you are getting fresh fuel when delivered into your tanks.

As we expand automated fuel delivery, we invite you to contact your local CVA energy office, call 1-844-327-6929 or request CVA services online.  We would like to introduce you to an energy tool that allows you to be secure in knowing you have quality fuel when you need it.
by Tracy Haller
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