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Pre-emerge Corn Herbicide Program

February 6, 2020

2.6.2020 | Pre-Emerge Corn Herbicide Program v1 from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

With a thick covering of snow on the ground, it’s hard to think of weed control for our corn fields next year. One thing to keep in mind is we want to see about the same number of weeds in our fields in mid-June as we see today. The easiest time to kill most weeds is before you can actually see them. That is why we put so much emphasis on pre-emerge herbicides with good residual activity. These herbicides kill the weed when it is just germinating or emerging when it is at the weakest point in its life cycle. Once our problem weeds get above 3-4 inches tall so you can easily see them as you walk your field or pass through on an ATV, they are much more difficult to kill. Our video this week focused on some options we have for pre-emerge corn application, focusing on some of our problem weeds like waterhemp and palmer amaranth. We are looking at herbicides that come to the table with multiple modes of action to combat weed resistance. In this video, we focused on Harness Max from Bayer, Acuron from Syngenta, and Resicore from Corteva. All of these herbicides have multiple active ingredients (AIs) and modes of actions (chemical groups).

Harness Max contains the AIs acetochlor (Group 15 --Seedling shoot inhibitor) and mesotrione (Group 27-- HPPD Inhibitor). These are the active ingredients in Harness and Callisto, respectively.

Acuron contains s-metalachlor (Group 15), mesotrione (Group 27), bicyclopyrone (a 2nd Group 27), and atrazine (Group 5 -- Photosystem II inhibitor).  These are the active ingredients in Dual II Magnum, Callisto, atrazine, and a unique ingredient (bicyclopyrone) not offered alone in a separate herbicide. 

Resicore contains acetochlor (Group 15), mesotrione (Group 27), and clopyralid (Group 4 Growth Regulator).  These are the active ingredients in Harness, Callisto, and Stinger respectively.   

We want to make sure as we build a pre-emerge weed control game plan, we consider our postemergence plan and option. We may want to use these same herbicides or their components in our post spraying. If we are considering that we may want to be extra careful of the rate we apply pre-emerge. The best way to build a complete plan is to sit down with your local Field Sales Agronomist or Location Manager and walk though your past weed problems and future crop plans to build a program that is right for your operation. In the video above we discuss corn pre-emerge herbicides with Tyler Stastny CVA’s Field Sales Agronomist in Ulysses, NE.

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