The PTI Event – What you can fit in a Semi Trailer

January 24, 2019

The PTI Event – What You Can Fit in a Semi Trailer from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

The PTI Event – What you can fit in a Semi Trailer

The ACS team here at Central Valley Ag believes that educating our growers is one of our most important jobs. That is why we focus so much of our time and effort into it. Every spring we do a cooperative event with Northeast Community College around planter technology and how the things they are learning at school will be put into play that spring during harvest. We also place a lot of time and effort into our Innovation Sites and events led by Mick Goedeken. Those events put not only new and old Agronomy products on display and against each other, but also Agronomy practices to see how they perform in different areas. And while the Innovation Events are the culmination of those sites, we don’t stop there. We record and publish the replicated trials so that you see them in the field, and how they perform. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW 2018 HARVEST DATA BOOK And while all of that would seem like a lot, perhaps even enough to many, I am excited to be able to invite you all to one more.

Friday, February 1, 2019, we will be hosting the Precision Planting PTI Trailer at our 81/20 location. PTI stands for the Planter Technology Institute and serves as a mobile event center. The PTI trailer is a 53 foot enclosed semi-trailer that slides out on both sides to make a 50 x 18 mobile auditorium for our morning or afternoon session.

For those of you with an extremely good memory, you might recall that we talked about the Plater Technology Institute last summer. Precision Plantings Planter Technology Institute is a 200-acre research site where Precision Planting tests products, agronomy principles, and pushes the boundaries of how to profitably grow crops. It is an event that I encourage you to make it to at least once, even though it is Illinois. Yes, it is in Illinois. I know that many of you are now preparing to tune out, because if their research is in Illinois, it can’t possibly be relevant to us?  And if that is what you think, you couldn’t possibly be more wrong.

Where the PTI farm is located might be where some extremely good ground is located, but they also go to great lengths to test in widely varying conditions as well. And while the ground there might be predominately tilled and good in organic matter, think about this. If they can show an ROI in those conditions, imagine what it could do in some of our conditions.

But the PTI Trailer we are hosting isn’t just a rehashing of their PTI event this summer. It is also a very different and unique experience compared to the Precision Planting Winter Conference that some of you attended just a week ago. Precision Planting spent the 2018 growing season looking at how technology, agronomy, and equipment can all be used to maximize profit on farms like yours. The results and things learned from the past growing season, are now being shared with growers across the country in this mobile event center. Within the walls of this auditorium, we will have a large video screen to show up close action of how Precision Planting products work in the field. At the same time, there are multiple demonstrations that will take place inside the trailer as well. It is not your normal classroom setting, nor is it anything like a normal planter clinic.

So consider this your formal invitation. We know that in 2019, maximum profitability on your farm will be based on the management decisions that you make with your inputs and your equipment. Come spend a morning or afternoon with 60 other growers who want to be the best growers they can be. If you can join us for the Morning, or Afternoon session Friday the 1st, with lunch served for both groups at noon, then please register at this link: For those of you more than a couple of hours away from Randolph, Nebraska, there are also limited opportunities to attend similar events to our South and West. Just contact us for more information. I speak for all of our ACS team when I say, that I hope to see you next Friday at our location near Randolph.

By Keith Byerly

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