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Diesel that doesn't mess around

January 8, 2020

Everyone knows that staying profitable in farming can be a challenge. The producer must constantly look at their inputs and make the decisions on what expenses help them stay in the black and which expenses are not pulling their weight. I get the question on occasion, “Why should I pay a little extra for Cenex Fieldmaster diesel fuel and Cenex premium diesel engine oils when I can buy Brand X diesel and oil down the street for a few pennies in savings?”  The first answer is an easy one. Central Valley Ag is committed to making sure that you, our owners remain profitable day in and day out. We are passionate about offering the best products and the top notice service to keep you going for generations to come. The second part of my answer is a little more complicated. I usually try to break it down into two parts.

Part one involves Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster and its many benefits. When compared to the average #2 diesel fuel, Ruby Fieldmaster reduces downtime and costly repairs. It has been proven to increase fuel economy by up to 5% and it also restores engine power by up to 4.5% and boosts lubricity of the engines moving parts by 10-15%. Fieldmaster diesel fuel extends the life of your equipment’s injectors and injector pumps while providing quicker more efficient starts, with a higher cetane number right from the pump, without the need of any extra costly additives the people normally add to their tanks. Finally, the number one reason in today’s farm economy, it reduces maintenance cost by keeping your equipment running better.

Part two of my answer involves using Cenex premium engine oils in conjunction with the Cenex diesel fuels. Cenex premium heavy-duty diesel engine oils provide superior engine protection and exceed the highest industry and diesel engine manufacturers’ requirements. With Cenex’s advanced additive package and the highest quality base stocks, you can be sure you are receiving the best product on the market today. A lot of time and work has gone into these oils to engineer a product that helps protect against catalyst poisoning, particulate filter blocking, engine wear, piston deposits, degradation of the low and high temperature properties and soot-related viscosity increases.  Cenex oils provide the highest level of oxidation resistance in order to increase drain intervals, which means less down time for oil changes and more value seen on an oil change. All Cenex oils are engineered with Wear Saver Technology, which helps disperse soot into finer particles. This in turn is less abrasive to the engine, which in extensive field tests has shown to have a 50% more residual capacity to extend beyond the manufacturer’s recommended oil drain intervals. Combined with the advanced radial polymer technology that Cenex oil features, we can maintain a consistent viscosity throughout the life of the oil. These radial polymers, because of their shape, do not shear like a long chain polymer that is in most other oils today. Cenex also provides a high, long-lasting Total Base Number (TBN) to help fight corrosive wear caused by acid formation in the oil. Overall, Cenex oils are going to protect the engine better while allowing the producer to run longer and less money per operating hour.

Combined, Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster and Cenex Premium Engine oils provide a package that will help keep your equipment in the field longer while making sure they are running the most efficient, all saving you money. A few pennies up front will save you, the producer, a huge amount in the end.

If you would like more information about the benefits of using Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster or Cenex premium diesel engine oils, please contact anyone on our Energy team and they will get you in touch with the appropriate person.
By Chris Clingman, Petroleum Service Technician
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