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Exploring Opportunities with FieldReveal

January 9, 2020

1.9.2020 | FieldReveal from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

FieldReveal is the precision ag software CVA created with our partners at Winfield, Agtegra, and Landus. The software allows us to precisely sample fields to understand the variability across that grower’s field. Understanding that variability allows CVA to make recommendations that maximize the value of the products we apply.

When we sit down with a grower to talk about soil variability and using precision ag software on their field, we might pursue the worst field on a grower’s operation to better access what is going on there to limit yield. For comparison purposes, we might also suggest grid or zone sampling their best producing field. Allowing us to see what the differences are and how we might fertilize that field differently than an average or poor producing field.

Once we have soil test results back from the laboratory, we can compare the soil test results to the yield variation in the field, as well as our own experience with soil fertility levels needed for good yields in that area. We can then use FieldReveal to create prescriptions for lime, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and other nutrients that field may need. We can deliver those nutrients and amendments where they are needed most and not where the soil already has high levels of a particular nutrient. This precise application allows CVA to maximize a growers yield potential while limiting wasted fertilizer and possible environmental damage.

If you want to explore using our FieldReveal software to precisely apply nutrients on your farm, get with your local CVA Field Sales Agronomist or one of the Regional ACS Managers at a CVA location near you.   

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