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ACS Innovation Preview

July 3, 2019

7.3.19 | ACS Innovation Series Preview from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

Our corn plots are off to a good start this year even though planting was anything but easy. We have multiple trials of some of the latest technology for in-furrow products, soil fertility options, and foliar applied nutrient and biological enhancements. Central Valley Ag puts together the ACS Innovation sites each year, so growers can come to see the latest products and what effect they have on plant performance and grain yields. This year our ACS Innovation Series will be:

  • August 13th in Cuba, KS
  • August 15th in Norfolk, NE
  • August 20th in Polk, NE

Mark your calendars and plan to attend an event near you. Our agronomy team will have multiple sessions available to cover this year's trials as well as discuss the replicated yield data from last years ACS Innovation Sites. We want to make sure we test these products across multiple environments and multiple growing seasons.

When it comes to foliar products, we often hear the comment that some of these products “don’t work” or have limited application. At CVA, we do not take the word of the manufacturer of these efficiency products; we do our own trials in environments that match many of our grower’s fields. These events are your opportunity to see how the products perform for yourself, get the data from last years plots, and get on the distribution list for the data from our 2019 trials as well.
See for yourself the products and management practices. Learn more about these events and RSVP by visiting

By Tim Mundorf & Mick Goedeken



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