Fair Season is Here

July 15, 2019

After a long “9 months of winter”, as a friend of mine referred to yesterday, some of our show animals haven’t gotten their normal gains as in the past. Stress from cold, wind, and mud has made it a challenge to get animals prepared for the quickly approaching fair season. Our CVA feed locations have access to multiple brands of feed and supplements to get your animal back on track and in the Purple ribbon line.  From cattle, pigs, sheep, chicken, goats, and rabbits, we have a product available for all your needs.
Whether you are looking for a product to square up a flank, or provide more depth, we have supplements to help. We also have supplements to give a more feminine appearance to thick necked heifers and something to knock a few unwanted pounds off if need be. Our feed specialists can also help design a program if you prefer to mix your own show ration, need a supplement, or a recommendation for bagged show feed to meet the nutritional requirements of your project.
Referring back to my Genetic Potential blog from April, have you taken notes and evaluated where your program is at? Every animal is different, so it’s important to know how many pounds a day your animal is gaining. Once this has been determined, it is easier to determine if you need to feed less to keep a fresh show ring appearance or more to add extra energy to make weight. Some cattle will only need to gain 2lbs per day while others may need a higher energy feed to get caught up with a 3lb gain. Keep in mind that water drives intake, so keep water sources cool, clean, and fresh.
No matter the animal, every diet needs to have protein, energy, and fiber or roughage at balanced, adequate amounts along with quality vitamins and minerals. On average, it takes 45-60 days to see a true difference in appearance with ration changes. If you aren’t seeing the desired look in your show animal stop by your local CVA feed location and our sales team would be happy to evaluate your animal. Or reach out to me at brandi.salestrom@cvacoop.com and I would help make a recommendation.  Best of luck to everyone this show season and I look forward to seeing you all in the show ring!
by Brandi Salestrom
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