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Purina Cattle & Horse Feed Discussion coming to Chambers, NE on August 1

July 29, 2019

The Holt County Fairgrounds in Chambers, NE is the location of choice for our first HOW meeting in our Northwestern territory. Sponsored by CVA & Purina, the meeting will start at 6 pm with a cattle discussion geared towards mineral programs and options going into fall. The cattle discussion will be led by CVA Beef Specialist, Brad Hoffman, and Purina Sales Specialist, Bob Regan. These local cattlemen are experts in the industry and offer a wealth of knowledge. Following the cattle discussion, Purina Equine Specialist, Lindsey Kester, along with myself, will introduce the new lineup of Purina Impact horse feeds and the horse feeds most equine owners are familiar with like Strategy. There will be feed specials and drawings throughout the meeting.

The weather seems to be a constant challenge for feed quality and the comfort level of our cow herds, whether its flooding, drought, cold, or heat affecting. Therefore, our team at CVA, along with Purina, will offer some options and tips to get your cows rebred and in correct body condition. Options such as Availa 4, Altosid fly control, Hi mag mineral, and knowledge in the differences of phosphorus levels in the Wind and Rain Purina products are just a few areas we will cover that evening. If there is interest, creep feeding economics, accuration programs, weaning, and backgrounding diets will also be discussed. This discussion will be interactive, and all questions about cattle feed will be answered.

Purina has launched a large number of new horse feeds and supplements in the past two years, and our goal is to help our customers better understand the options of Purina's horse feed line, including the supplements, Outlast and Supersport. Low sugar and starch diets have become popular in the horse industry. One product, Impact Professional Performance, is a no corn or corn byproduct feed that meets the standards for low sugar/ starch.  Research has also shown that over 80% of horses have gastric ulcers. Outlast Gastric Support was designed to help prevent, not treat, ulcers and has been flying off the shelves since introduction.  This supplement has gone over so well that Purina has now included it in products such as Strategy and Impact Professional Performance. If Omolene is your horse feed of choice- don't worry, Outlast comes in a bag that you can top dress as well.

During the evening, we also encourage 4Hers to bring their horses so we can work together to create a feed program using a Purina weight tape and evaluation of their horse's performance level. After the feed charts are complete, we will saddle up and work on horsemanship skills and fair preparation. A meal will be provided with burgers and hot dogs on the grill. We are excited for this fun evening as it will be a great time to visit with friends and neighbors. RSVP to myself at 402-870-1602 or Brad Hoffman at 402- 340-4112.
by Brandi Salestrom
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