New ingredients and Success in the Showring for Sheep and Goats

June 12, 2018

Lately sheep and goat questions have become more frequent, and I would like to talk about what feeds we offer to give competitors the best advantage in the show ring. In January of 2018 Honor Show Chow ruminant feeds made the change to the new Purina Puriferm. Puriferm will be replacing Amaferm in these ruminant feeds. Puriferm is a uniquely formulated fungal enzyme ingredient containing Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus niger. The active components have multiple guaranteed enzyme levels and have shown to improve digestibility of forages.

In February 2018 Lambitine, a sister product to ambitine, was included in the Show Lamb Creep pellet DX30 as well as EXP 15% pellet DX30. Lambitine is composed of key plant extracts and organic acids which help maintain proper digestive function in our small ruminants. Creep intake increased by almost 20% in trials.

So how should we use these products…

Showlamb Creep is for lambs and can also be used as a starter feed for lambs that have been weaned. This 20% protein pellet can be fed at .5lbs per 30lbs of body weight. The next step is the Honor Show Chow Showlamb Grower Textured DX 18% protein textured feed. This is a high energy feed from grow to finish on show lambs and breeding sheep. Feeding rate is .3lbs per 10lbs of body weight. We also carry a full line of High Octane supplements and would be happy to answer any questions on how we can help to make your animal look its best.

Now for the goats, starting kids on colostrum milk from birth to 3 days old gives them a great start. Doe Match kid milk replacer can be used from 2 days up to 8 weeks. New this year is Commotion Goat DX30. This is a high energy feed designed for all lifestyles especially as a creep and a sale prep feed. This feed is semi textured and is a 16.5% protein.

Purina Honor Show Chow Impulse Goat R20 is a 16% protein pelleted complete ration for goats in the starting, growing and finishing phases. This feed can be fed from 30lbs all the way to market. If you're after a basic goat chow or mineral, we also carry that for your favorite pet! For more information stop by your local Central Valley Ag location to discuss these feeds in more detail.
by Brandi Salestrom
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