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Strategy with Gastric Care

June 4, 2018

Coming in June, Purina will be launching a new line of Strategy formulated with the gastric support supplement. Strategy GX and Strategy Healthy Edge will now be offered with a full serving of the Outlast Gastric Support supplement. The Outlast supplement is designed to support gastric health and maintain proper pH in the horse’s stomach. Research shows that 90% of horses experience gastric discomfort, an issue that often occurs after periods of stress. Signs that a horse may be experiencing gastric problems are indicators such as weight loss, decreased body condition, poor appetite, or behavioral changes such as aggression or nervous behavior. Purina’s gastric support supplement contains a blend of ingredients designed to ensure optimal performance during times of stress. The product contains calcium and magnesium that function to create a buffer for stomach acid and raise pH levels.

The Strategy GX and Strategy Healthy Edge products offer a balanced nutritional package for your horse. The pelleted products are formulated with a controlled amount of starch and sugar and include a higher content of fat and fiber to meet the requirements of a horse with moderate calorie needs. Also included in these products is Purina’s Amplify High Fat Nugget which assists in maintaining body condition and provides shine and bloom. In addition to Amplify, the Strategy line is also formulated with added copper, phosphorus, and selenium that support physiological functions. To learn more about the new products, visit, and make sure to stop by your local Central Valley Ag location to pre-order the new Strategy and Strategy Healthy Edge!
By Cassidy Curtis
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