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Added Value of Creep Feeding

June 3, 2019

Many producers are still questioning the worth of creep feeding calves this year, and understandably so with the conditions we have been dealt. Therefore, I took the time to utilize a tool from Purina Animal Nutrition called Creep Feeding Economics. What this program provides is information that compares calves being fed no creep, creep, accuration creep, and a grain-based creep.
An estimated weaning weight of a calf not supplemented with creep feed is around 500lbs, where a calf fed through our CVA creep program will wean closer to 592lbs, and a grain-based program closer to 569lbs. So let’s break down the estimated
returns on creep programs:
Accuration Creep: Accuration Creep program consists of 30 days of creep being feed to each calf (or until 120lbs) and then 70 days on Accuration. With creep costs of $246/ton and Accuration at $265/ton and a conversion of 4:1, the estimated return after figuring interest and labor costs is $50.79. The projected average daily gain, or ADG, is .88.
Creep: The CVA calf creep program feeds each calf creep feed for 100 days. At the cost of $246/ton and a 6:1 conversion, the estimated return after interest and labor is $32.34 with a projected ADG of .92.
Grain-Based Creep: Grain-based creep feeding is fed at the same 100 days, and for this example, is estimated at $225/ton.  Conversion for this mix is at 8:1 and the estimated return after interest and labor is $13.24 with a projected ADG of .69.
Please keep in mind that this tool is not a guarantee and values are an estimate only.  Maximum production efficiency and performance can be influenced by type and condition of cattle, management, pasture conditions, health of cattle, and weather.
But for all producers still questioning whether or not to creep feed their calves this year, I hope this demonstrates the value of supplementing calves throughout the summer and answers some questions on what programs offer the greatest return on investment. For more information, contact your local CVA feed sales specialist.
by Brandi Salestrom

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