Bringing Value to the Farmgate

June 24, 2019

We are all guilty of it - hiding from the pesky salesperson pulling onto your place when you are busy, tired, or just don’t want to talk. What if I told you that our feed sales team at CVA provides something of great value that makes it worth your time for an on-farm consultation or even a few minutes to set up an appointment for a CVA team member to come back at your convenience? We take great pride in developing nutritional programs to fit your operation. Healthy animals and not leaving any dollars on the table is what we are here to help you do.  Testing forage samples, running projections and break-evens, body condition scoring, and ration balancing are just a few of the free services we offer.

By utilizing a feed team member, you also have access to current market prices, mineral evaluators and planners, cow cost calculators, help with facility cash flow and even a program to determine dollar value per ton or bushel on earlage, HM corn, and silage. Plus, our team has individuals who specialize in feedlot, cow calf, swine, equine, show, and companion animals, so we can better serve your operation.

Our team’s experience, plus our farming/ranching backgrounds, allows us to better understand your needs. Many of us even have our own operations and encounter the same seasonal challenges such as hi mag season, fly control, late nights in the calving barn, pregnancy checking, getting our show horse in performance condition, and caring for our dogs, who are our companions all day while working on the farm or ranch. We know the importance of success when it comes to an operation, and for myself, nothing is more exciting than watching those calves, you worked so hard to keep healthy, go through the sale ring at that perfect weight; or having that show animal, who you kept on the suggested CVA feed program, take home the champion trophy.

Overall, we know you are busy checking cattle, getting your crops cared for, or putting up hay. Time is something we are all short of.  Still, I encourage producers to take that extra few minutes to visit with a feed specialist when you see one of them cross your farmgate.  Our success comes from your operation thriving and that’s our goal. Plus, a few minutes now could save you time and money down the road.  Visit and click on the feed tab to learn more about our feed division and to find a location and sales rep in your area.
by Brandi Salestrom
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