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Mineral Consumption for Your Cow Herd

June 22, 2020

Brandi Salestrom, CVA Feed Sales Manager

I often get calls from producers concerned that their cattle are consuming too much mineral. Once we figure how many ounces per head per day, it helps ease producers minds knowing their cattle are at correct levels or lets them know that we may need to relocate their feeders to stop over-consumption. Today, I will be discussing different types of minerals and how much mineral your cows should be consuming. 
First, let's discuss the difference between a complete and non-complete mineral. A complete mineral means salt is included, and there will be a 4 oz or .25 lb. consumption. A non-complete mineral does not have salt and has a 2 oz or .125 lb. consumption. Keep in mind these ounce figures are based on a 365-day average, not daily. Gestation, calving, breeding, and weaning are a critical time to have a good mineral program. Cows that are mineral deficient can have weak calves, which could affect the calf throughout its entire life. Please consider your mineral options going into winter. 
A 50-head cowherd being fed a non-complete 2 oz mineral program will go through 6.25 lbs. of mineral a day or 187.5 lbs. a month (almost 4- 50 lb. bags of mineral). The same 50-head cowherd getting a complete 4 oz mineral will consume 12.5 lbs. of mineral daily and 375 lbs. a month (nearly eight bags). 
Tubs are a little different than loose mineral. Mineral tub consumption is 4 to 8 ounces per head per day. Our 50-head cowherd would require two tubs in the pasture/dry lot as one tub per every 20-25 head is suggested. These cattle would consume three tubs over a 30-day period and ten tubs over 120 days. Protein tubs have no salt, and normal consumption is ½ to 1 lb. With two tubs out for the 50-head cowherd, the tubs would last about two weeks. Thus, a 50-head cowherd would use 4 Protein tubs a month. 
Certain events also require a specific mineral program. Weaned calves need to have a mineral reserve before their system is stressed which is the reason we recommend stress and Availa 4 tubs. The same is recommended for bull health during breeding season. Availa 4 mineral assists in not only hoof health but also sperm quality and vitality. Finally, hi-mag mineral for cattle grazing lush green pastures in the spring helps prevent grass tetany.

For more information contact your local Central Valley Ag Feed Specialist or Retail Feed location.

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