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Thinking Ahead – Creep Feed

March 19, 2018


It’s that time of the year to think about what your needs are going to be in the way of creep feed for your calves. The CVA Feed Sales Team has been contacting producers and informing them what the contracting opportunities for creep feed will be this year.

There have been a couple of opportunities to contract creep during March. For those of you who haven’t committed yet, or are waiting to get a better feel of what your needs are, make sure to look for continued offers from CVA. CVA will continue to offer contract pricing every week through the end of March.

I would encourage producers to calculate their needs for tons of creep feed to make sure that they have a price locked in. This contract period runs from April to September. If April to September doesn’t work for your operation, then discuss with a CVA Salesperson and we will work to get you a contract that works for you. Contracting your creep needs allows you to have the same creep cost all the way through your creep feeding season.

Studies have shown that creep feeding calves pays in many ways. For example, Cow Body Conditioning Scores are higher when she is not the sole provider of nutrition for that calf. Creep feeding allows the calf to better utilize the forage fed while providing a well-balanced supplement even when the calf is just consuming a small amount.

Creep Feed does qualify for the CVA Zero Finance Program. Call your local Feed Salesperson to get all of the details.

As always, thank you for your business, and I would encourage you to stay in touch with your CVA Feed Team for specials on loose mineral, protein and mineral tubs, and other protein sources that work into your feeding program as we move from season to season.

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