Looking ahead after a Disaster

March 25, 2019

Preparation was short for the bomb cyclone event in Nebraska and surrounding states last week. Wind breaks, calving facilities, and supplies were ready, but how could anyone have known how to prepare for the intense flooding that took place. As we are all moving forward making the best of our situations and helping strangers, friends and neighbors recover, now is the time to also consider the stress our animals have been through and how to help them in their time of need.

Depletion of minerals is common after a stressful situation, and being in the midst of calving season, this extra flooding adds to the stress level. Trace minerals are a requirement for cattle functions like immunity, reproduction, growth, and digestion. Organic trace minerals provide cattle with enhanced gut absorption and improved bioavailability making them a mineral of choice after a disaster like we have recently experienced. Central Valley Ag offers the Purina Wind and Rain Storm Mineral with Availa 4 to help meets these needs. The cost of adding Availa 4 is only a few cents per head per day extra.

Scours outbreaks are something else to be on the look out for more than previous years. Management decisions and pen spaces may be limited, and this will increase the chance of clostridial agent shedding from the older calves causing scours. The best a producer can do if in this situation is to try and keep the pen as clean as possible with bedding and a dry area for the calves.

For feedlot producers, all this mud and thawing will give opportunity for foot issues. Hard frozen ground can cause abrasions around the hoof, then mud can introduce bacteria, with foot rot being the most common. Acidiosis may be an issue for some due to the possibility of diet changes due to limited feedstuffs or inconsistent feeding times. BRD is something else cattlemen need to be on the lookout against. Working closely with your veterinarian and nutritionist to identify these potential problems will help your livestock comeback from this event.

Please reach out to your feed sales specialist or any CVA location if in need of help during this time.

by Brandi Salestrom

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