Nitrogen Stabilizers with Mick Goedeken

November 7, 2019

11.07.19 | Nitrogen Stabilizers from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

There is often quite a bit of confusion about nitrogen inhibitors. The two inhibitor categories we normally look at are urease inhibitors and nitrification inhibitors. 

Urease inhibitors keep surface applied urea-based N products, such as urea or UAN, in the urea-form longer to allow a rain or irrigation event to move the urea into the soil to avoid loss to ammonia volatilization, which happens when urea converts to ammonia on the soil surface. We normally think about urease inhibitors in the spring and early summer.  

Nitrification inhibitors keep ammonium in the soil from converting to nitrate. Ammonium holds to soil clay and organic matter particles very well. Nitrate does not hold well to the soil and tends to move through the soil profile with water and can leach out of the root zone and into our groundwater. Nitrate in waterlogged soils can also be attacked by soil bacteria, which strips off the oxygen leaving nitrogen gasses which then leave the soil and move into the atmosphere.  

When we talk about fall or spring applied anhydrous ammonia, we focus on the nitrification inhibitors.   Central Valley Ag works with three vendors for inhibitors intended for anhydrous ammonia. Corteva provides N-Serve, one of the most popular and proven nitrification inhibitors intended for anhydrous ammonia. It contains the active ingredient nitrapyrin.

Kock Agronomic Services provides Centuro, a new nitrification inhibitor also intended for anhydrous ammonia. It uses a newer active ingredient called pronitrodine, which is intended to be less corrosive then some other inhibitors have been. Verdesian Life Sciences provides Nutrisphere-NH3, a copolymer intended to slow the conversion of ammonium to nitrate.   

Talk to your Field Sales Agronomist to see which products are available at the locations near you for more information on how we can become more efficient in our nitrogen application.  

- Tim Mundorf, CVA Nutrient Management Lead

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