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Fall means Harvest, Weaning, and Mineral Promotions!

October 28, 2019

Fall is here and not only is it harvest season, but weaning is as well. Let our team at CVA make the most of your fall when it comes to weaning and feed quality.  Central Valley Ag has a variety of options when it comes to starter feeds for calves. Whether it’s a complete feed or a supplement going into a ration for the first 21 days, we have a product to fit your operations needs. Stress tubs are also a good idea for those newly weaned calves. In the last week, I have visited several feed yards getting in new calves and these cattlemen and women are well aware of the value that a stress tub brings.

Did you know our sales team members are trained to formulate rations for those producers who would like to use some of their own feedstuffs, such as silage and hay, in a bunk diet?  Keep in mind once silage piles have been allowed to sit for 3 to 4 weeks after packing, it’s recommended to send in a sample for analysis. CVA also offers protein supplements to help grow calves to develop the frame they need to finish in a feed yard or transition as a replacement into the cowherd.

We have one month remaining in our fall mineral promotion on mineral and weaning supplements and feeds. Now through December 1st, for every pallet of mineral purchased, either bags or tubs, a producer will receive a $25 Cabelas/ Bass Pro Shop gift card. There is also an incentive on the starter feeds using the new RX3 technology from Purina to earn a vest. Besides the mineral promotion, remember that once cows are turned out on stalks, a protein supplement such as liquid, cubes, or tubs are a good idea to keep those cows in ideal body condition going into the cold winter months.

I encourage producers to contact your local CVA feed sales specialist and we will come to your farm to evaluate your calves to prepare for weaning and get a silage or hay sample taken. We will also set up a plan for your cow herd going into the winter months. The CVA Feed Sales team looks forward to meeting the producers in their area and hope everyone has a safe harvest and weaning season.
by Brandi Salestrom
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