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Setting up for Success: Grid Sampling

September 12, 2019
Our crops are maturing nicely in most of our Central Valley Ag trade territory. We need to start thinking about harvest and setting the stage for next year’s crop. One of the first decisions we need to make is to figure out how much fertilizer we need to apply for next year’s crop. Most growers will pull one or more soil samples from their field to help them understand how much fertility is in the soil and decide how much additional fertility needs to be applied.  

When we soil sample our fields in a grid type pattern, we can do a better job of seeing how the fertility values such as soil pH, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and zinc vary across that field and do a better job placing fertilizer and lime where it is needed and not where it isn’t needed. We can build prescriptions into our software that will make recommendations appropriate for the grower’s yield goals. We can also adjust based on if the grower owns or rents the field and how quickly he wants to make soil fertility changes. Jason Kock, our ACS Mapping Center Specialist at Central Valley Ag, discusses grid sampling and why we do it in this week’s Agronomy Focus video.       
by Tim Mundorf, CVA Nutrient Management Lead

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