– Corn and Soybeans can be delivered to CVA’s Locations as space allows.

– Current locations are:

  • Region 1: Elgin, Tilden and Royal corn and soybeans.
  • Region 2: Bow Valley and Wakefield corn and soybeans 
  • Region 3: St. Edward, Humphrey, Monroe, Fullerton and Platte Center corn and soybeans 
  • Region 4: East Hub and Snyder corn and soybeans. Scribner - CORN ONLY 
  • Region 5: Polk, Stromsburg and Hampton corn and soybeans. Benedict, Bradshaw and Hordville - CORN ONLY
  • Region 6: Tamora, Waco, Rising City, Utica, Ulysses and Shelby - CORN ONLY 
  • Region 8: Akron, Oyens, Hinton corn and soybeans

– Other locations will be added as space becomes available.

–  Title will pass upon delivery to CVA.

–  Price Later Corn cannot be put on Warehouse receipt, Open Storage, or Grain Bank once it is placed on a Price Later Contract.

–  Producer must designate at time of delivery that grain is to go on Price Later Contract. DP Contracts will be issued every 20 days. 

–  Price Later will only be for grain delivered December 24, 2018 and after until CVA ends the program. 

– No service charges will be applied if settled on or before October 18, 2019 for soybeans and October 31, 2019 for corn.

– If soybeans aren't sold before market close on October 18, 2019, these bushels will be sold at market close October 18, 2019. 

- If corn is not sold before market close on October 31, 2019, these bushels will be sold at market close October 31, 2019. 
*Any corn or soybeans currently on existing Free Price Later will be rolled to this price later and bushels will be priced at the dates listed above rather than the Original Price Later of August 16, 2019 date. 

–  Corn will be dried and shrunk to 15% moisture at CVA’s published rates at the time of delivery.Corn and soybeans will be subject to posted CVA discount schedule at time of delivery. 

– Corn and soybeans must be priced at the nearby or "spot" bid for the location to which grain was delivered. No sales can be made for future delivery (Forward Contracted) (This would give CVA double ownership). 

–  Grain that had been previously forward contracted cannot be delivered on Price Later and applied to the Forward Contract during the delivery period the corn was contracted for (This would give CVA double ownership). 

Hard Red Winter Wheat 

– Wheat can be delivered to Shelby and Benedict, Nebraska. 

– All wheat delivered will be applied to contracts first; all other wheat will automatically be placed on a Price Later Contract (unless open storage is requested at the time of delivery). There will be 15 days without charge for both Price Later and Open Storage from the date of delivery (including the date of delivery). After 15 days, the rates will be charged on a per day basis from the date of delivery.