1362 3rd Ave
Columbus, NE 68602-1026

PO Box 1026



  • Agronomy
  • Feed (Retail)

Location Spotlight

The Columbus, Nebraska CVA location is home to 12 full-time and 12 seasonal employees. From this location CVA customers can purchase fertilizer and chemicals with the option for custom application. They can also get anything from lawn and garden supplies to select oil for equipment.

To store all these supplies the location hosts a 240 tons dry fertilizer building and enough storage for 3,205 tons of liquid fertilizer and 108 tons of NH3. These assets help this location move 18,000 tons of liquid and NH3 fertilizer annually. Not only do they move a significant amount of liquid fertilizer, but also they annually sell roughly 4,000 bags of corn seed, 6,000 bags of soybeans, and 2,000 50lb. bags of lawn fertilizer. The employees also do approximately 90,000 acres of custom application a year.

Previous to its establishment in 1976 when Dale Hassebrook built the original structures, the location was the sight of Skylark Speedway car racetrack. From that time the location has done business under four different cooperative names due to mergers before finally becoming a Central Valley Ag location in 2004.

Not only has this location left its mark within CVA but also within the community. This location maintains a presence at the Columbus Ag Show each year and was voted Best of Columbus Fertilizer Company. The location also supports the local FFA chapters as well as Ducks Unlimited. They also host yearly dinners in appreciation of their customers. Let’s give a hand to the Columbus location for being such a good representative of Central Valley Ag!