Help Corn Reach New Heights

With this year’s cool, wet spring Ascend® plant growth regulator can help get your corn off to a strong start.
Applied in-furrow, Ascend® PGR, which contains three EPA-registered plant growth regulators, helps promote early germination and emergence, a robust root system, and larger leaves and stems to provide a jump on the growing season.
Data tells the story 
As the chart below demonstrates, using Ascend® and Take Off® to your Begin® Starter can increase yields drive better return on you seed investment when planting in stressful conditions. Corn planted into cool, wet early season conditions, it is important to get your plants off to the best start possible. Early plant vigor is essential to maximizing the utilization of water, nutrients, and sunlight to ensure you get the most from your inputs.

Uniform emergence gives crops the upper hand

Corn plants are competitive, so uniform emergence is important for overall yield. “If you have a corn plant that is smaller than the rest, instead of having ears that are all the same and growing among similar cohorts, you will have a runt with smaller ear size, and that will have a cost in yield,” says Jon Zuk, agronomist, WinField United. 

Part of a total plant nutrition program
Ascend® PGR plays an integral role in an in-season plant nutrition program, primarily through the work it does underground. Talk to your CVA agronomist to for more details on how to manage your early season inputs based on your seed hybrids. 


How can I be confident about my starter program this year? 

By Keith Byerly
"Every year at about this time the phone calls start coming in from people that have questions about their starter programs. The questions range from, “what rate should I be putting on?” to “what is the best application method and where should it be placed?”. Each of those questions, plus the 20 more that I hear are all great questions and valid. Today, I thought I would try to address some of the more common ones."

What has the biggest impact on your profitability this year?

Reaching your Profit Potential implies that we are reaching you Yield Potential. Yield Potential doesn’t mean the maximum yield that you ground is capable of growing. It means achieving our maximum economic yield, the yield where the cost of producing that last bushel is still profitable.