Cool, Wet Weather?

Let Ascend® help get Corn off to a Good Start

Planting conditions this spring are challenging, to say the least!  With cool and wet conditions in most areas of the corn belt this spring, it will be even more important for farmers to manage their corn to help it get off to a strong start.  Research over the past 10 years continues to suggest earlier planting dates equate to higher yield potential in corn production. While soils might be above 50 degrees when corn is planted in late April or early May, every year soil temperatures will dip below 50 degrees at least once with a majority of the corn in the ground. This makes germination and emergence more challenging. 

In cool temperatures, corn planted with Ascend® PGR in-furrow responded with increased yields more than 65% of the time, with average yield boosts of over 8 bu/A.

When the weeks after planting were cold and wet, corn planted with Ascend® PGR in-furrow showed positive yield response over 69% of the time. 

WinField® United research on Ascend® has shown that in cool and wet soils, corn responds to an Ascend® application 81.8% of the time!

Using Ascend® as part of a starter/pop-up fertilizer program that consists of phosphorus and zinc can improve stands. Not only can Ascend® increase yield potential, but it is also a good insurance policy for your seed investment. 

Consider this: If seed cost per acre is $100, and the average plant population is 30,000 seeds/acre, and Ascend® can increase stands 1-2k plants/acre, then you have $3.30-$6.60 more seed out of the ground, without even considering the increase in yield potential.

Do you know what your soil temperature today? 


How can I get the best return on my seed investment this year?



When planting into cool wet soil, a balanced starter fertilizer and plant growth regulator program can help promote vigorous germination and better root growth. When we think of starter fertilizers, phosphorus usually comes to mind because it tends to be most limited by cool, wet spring soils like we have this year.  Ascend gives plants an extra early boost by establishing a more robust root system, larger leaves and wider stem as you can see by these Innovations Series photos. 



Check with your CVA agronomist to learn more about the right inputs to ensure the best return on your seed investment with the cold wet spring.