The Junction Project Update

Washington County Kansas and surrounding area producers can take advantage of CVA’s brand new 3.6 million-bushel-grain storage facility, “The Junction,” this harvest. 

Phase 1 construction began April 4, 2018 at the CVA site north of Linn, Kan. at the junction of highway 15 and 148. 

Phase 1 included 2.1 million-bushel storage in four upright steel bins with two 20,000 bushel per hour legs. The 1.5 million-bushel storage in two bunker sites includes a 25,000 bushel per hour double-drive over leg. Phase 1 also included a location office. Construction of Phase 2, which includes an anhydrous ammonia plant, is expected to be finished by Spring 2019. 

“It was a challenge with the amount of rain in that area to complete construction, but the team pushed hard and did a great job to complete the project so that we could be there for our producers this fall,” said Wes O’Bannon, CVA VP of Operations Manager. 

In operation, trucks will enter and exit the facility off highway 148. Drivers will scan their CVA card across the reader, which selects the proper account as a grain sample is pulled with a probe. The truck moves ahead to one of the receiving pits or bunker sites. After dumping, the truck moves ahead to an outbound scale, is weighed, then exits. 

“Especially with the current crop conditions, we are glad to have the site up and running for fall harvest to provide the speed and space our area producers need,” said O’Bannon. “We look forward to serving our member-owners with the same service, responsiveness and team that you have come to know.” 

CVA continues to look for ways to improve the value we bring to you, our member-owners. By investing in this facility, CVA feels strongly that this new site positions your cooperative to be successful and strong in the future. 

An Open House will be held Spring 2019 with details to come. Stay tuned for additional updates at