Our First Irrigation Talk
May 17, 2018

I know that not all of you that read this are irrigators. Regardless, for those of you that have followed me for any amount of time now, you know that water management is probably the most important thing to me as an Agronomist. I am a firm believer that it is our responsibility to manage our surface and subsurface water as responsibly as we can because ultimately it's in our hands how regulations and control of these resources will develop in the coming years. And that is why every year you will find me committing time and energy to talk about irrigation management.

Gastric Care in a Performance Horse
May 15, 2018

Does your horse show signs of weight loss or decreased body condition due to being a picky eater or having a poor appetite, or does your horse exhibit behavioral changes such as aggression, nervous behaviors, or “girthiness”? If so, your horse may be experiencing abdominal discomfort caused by gastric ulcers, a common medical condition in horses and foals. It is estimated that 50% of foals and 1/3 of adult horses confined in stalls may have mild ulcers. Additionally, approximately 60% of show horses and 90% of racehorses may develop moderate to severe ulcers.

The VRN question
May 10, 2018

Every year as we find ourselves having our corn planted, or hopefully nearly planted, we start to focus on what is next for our corn crop. For as long as I have been with CVA, my group of growers that I have “always” worked with in the North have been splitting their Nitrogen applications up and applying a portion of their Nitrogen in season. In the past few years, it makes me happy to see so many of you in other areas that now do in-season fertilizer to split up the feeding of the crop. Last week, I talked about Nitrogen volatilization, and so this week, I thought it would be a natural progression to talk some about the rate that we choose to apply.

WE ARE CVA | Humphrey, NE
May 09, 2018

When you step foot in the Humphrey, Nebraska CVA location, you're greeted by Connie Beller, Customer Service Specialist, and it’s quite likely you will run into Location Manager, Michael Bayer. Michael isn’t exactly what you might picture when you think of a location manager; he’s a pretty young guy. In fact, most of the staff at the Humphrey location is made up of millennials. Now, don’t judge them by their age, although young, this team has one very important thing figured out, and that’s teamwork.

Preparing Bulls for the breeding season
May 07, 2018

Proper care of breeding bulls can improve the fertility and percent calf crop of your herd. One way to help bulls remain sound and active for the duration of the breeding season is to condition them. A bull that is too thin at the start of the breeding season may not perform as expected, while an over-conditioned bull may face structural and soundness issues that will hinder his ability to be active.

In the Balance
May 03, 2018

There are more soil microorganisms in a teaspoon of healthy soil than there are people on the earth. Now that the soil is finally warming up, all of those microorganisms are “waking up” and coming to life as well.  Those organisms and the soil have a monumental impact on our crops and the way we manage irrigation, drainage, and especially fertility. With the re-awakening of our soils, I think it is a good time to talk about Nitrogen.

Tackling horn flies with Altosid
Apr 30, 2018

When the temperature starts to warm up, horn flies quickly become a pesky issue. The horn fly’s fast repopulation rate quickly turns a few adult flies into a few thousand flies per animal. One way to help control fly populations is to offer your cattle a feed-through fly control, which can be found in select cattle minerals. Cattle need both fly control and mineral, so using a two-in-one package doesn’t require extra cattle handling or labor beyond normal mineral feeder maintenance.

Emergence Study
Apr 30, 2018

About two months ago, I spent some time talking about trial results that we saw from our Innovation Sites and On-Farm Research that we did last year. I talked a bit about the emergence trials that we did last year, and how they related to Downforce and yield. If you missed that, you can go back and look up the March 1st “RD Trial Results” article online. Today, I don’t want to rehash that conversation, but I do want to revisit it so that we can grow upon it.

Apr 24, 2018

Patience sounds so simple in theory, but we all know that the reality of it is so much more profoundly complicated. We all have that internal clock that is seemingly programmed to switch our mental state in April. We have been making plans and preparations for four months now on how we are going to do it better this year than ever before. We are going to make sure we don’t repeat the sins and mistakes of the past.

Happy Hens
Apr 23, 2018

CVA Feed is all about feeding protein. To many, this might sound like we are just feeding a bunch of calves and hogs to provide protein for the dinner table. Nutritionists would tell you that EGGS are an excellent protein source in the human diet. Check any fad diet out there right now, and you will see eggs in some form in the menu as a protein source.

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