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Lawn Care

April 16, 2018

It’s been a long time coming but spring and lawn care season have finally arrived. Many people look forward to this time of the year when they can get outside and begin the task of making their lawns look the best they can. Whether it’s just a small area, a large corner lot or even an acreage out in the country, you can have a great weed-free manicured lawn. All it takes is proper care and some timely fertilizer applications.

In our area of the country, spring and summer months can present challenges to successful lawn care. In some years, warmer temperatures come early and make it easier to apply the right products at the correct time. This spring with the slow temperature increase and wet weather we are having, it might require a bit more management than usual. Application timing plays a key role in having a great looking lawn.

A good lawn care program involves a process of steps, each designed to improve the health of your lawn. Power-raking and aerating (plugging) are some of the best ways to thicken your lawn and improve the effect of normal irrigating and fertilizing. If these procedures are done in the spring, you are now ready for the 1st application with a fertilizer/pre-emergent. This combination will give a nice green-up to your lawn and prevent grassy weeds such as crabgrass and spurge from germinating. The second application around mid-May into June can be done to add nitrogen greening and broadleaf weed control (dandelions).

As summer progresses, insects can become a problem. Several options are available for this situation such as grub control or treatment of surface insects. Nitrogen for greening can also be incorporated into this step. This takes your lawn into early fall with an emphasis on strengthening the health of the plant and root system. This is achieved by using fertilizers with higher levels of phosphorous, sulfur and iron.

A simple process of following a few steps throughout the summer will lead to a great looking lawn that you can be proud of. Here at CVA in West Point, we carry a full line of SCOTTS Lawn Care, Ortho and Roundup products. We also have Kaup Forage and Turf seeds to help make your lawn look great. Stop by and talk with one of our experienced staff to see how we can help with your lawn care needs.

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