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25 Years of Precision Ag Technology

April 2, 2020

ACS 25th Anniversary from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

Central Valley Ag is very proud of the accomplishments of our Advanced Cropping Systems (ACS) precision ag team. Over the past 25 years, the ACS team has provided value to our growers through variable-rate fertilizer prescriptions, variable rate seeding recommendations, variable rate irrigation, soil moisture monitoring, planting and harvesting equipment, and data management services. We have been a one-stop-shop for many growers wanting to operate at the cutting edge of applied technology. Director of Professional Ag Services at CVA, Glen Franzluebbers, is here to tell us more about CVA’s Advanced Cropping Systems.
I’m very excited for Central Valley Ag to be promoting its 25th Anniversary of Precision Ag and Ag Technology. This journey began in 1995 with our first digitized field boundaries, taking our first grid samples in Brunswick, Nebraska, and installing Ag Leader yield monitors for the first time in Shelby, Nebraska. We’ve come a long way since then, and we are where we are today because of employee dedication and constant innovation. ACS 25 Year History Timeline

Constant Innovation is one of CVA’s core values, and it plays a significant role in why Advanced Cropping Systems (ACS) began. The thought process of continually innovating and finding solutions through ag technology to help our customers be more efficient, profitable, and successful is our goal every single day. When we originally developed the name Advanced Cropping Systems, we took “systems” as a crucial part of our process. Our program was built on a systems approach, using agronomy as the core driver, while looking at the whole farming system from every stage of the season. If we don’t focus on the system, we could be missing out on some key drivers of yield and profitability, especially considering that the most yield-limiting factors could be losing yield or profitability faster than we are gaining.


Another essential part of ACS is focusing on returning the investment to our customers. Our team focuses on value and ROI before releasing and promoting new technology. Many of the trending technology, products and services on the market get pushed out with little proof of return on investment. If a product or service does not meet a need, improve efficiency, or provide a profit, we will not promote or sell it through CVA. The farm economy needs valuable products and services now, not an unproven flash in the pan or startups trying to impress investors. We take vetting new technology very seriously and promise to be selective in what we offer our patrons.

Looking toward the future, be prepared to see more partnerships and collaboration within CVA and the agricultural industry. With the rapid development of technology, one company alone cannot offer a full package or everything our customers need. Our team works closely with others in the industry to provide a plethora of products and services. A few examples of our partnerships include; FieldReveal (software), ServiTech (agronomy and scouting), and Settje Agri Services (manure management). We will continue to look at more specialization within CVA and work with our trusted partners in the industry.

The changing industry, trade policies, government regulations, among other things, will make ag technology not only valuable but essential to the future. Making sure we are putting the right inputs on the right acre at the right amounts will be critical. As your Cooperative, we continue to educate ourselves on these changes and maintain a proactive approach. Producers must be proactive as well. If we keep at the forefront of these changes by implementing new technology to help self-regulate, we will have a much better chance of helping to shape these future regulations. We may even be able to reduce regulations by maintaining this proactive approach, rather than being reactive.

Everyone in the industry is feeling the labor pains today. There is not enough good, qualified help for many growers to expand their operation. AutoSteer, Autonomous Vehicles, Digital Scouting Tools, Crop, Nitrogen, and Irrigation Modeling Tools, etc. will assist our farmers in doing more with less. CVA is currently an Ag Leader dealer, and a product we can provide is CartACE, an autonomous option for grain carts. We also signed on as a dealer for Smart Ag, a fully autonomous solution for tractors and grain carts. Smart Ag products are still being tested and proven in the field, but we intend to have a system in the near future to demonstrate the efficiencies that can be gained with this technology. We are currently beta testing drone scouting. We are testing the different imagery sources from drones, aerial, and satellite, along with crop, nitrogen, and irrigation modeling products. The goal of these products is to help gain efficiencies in the field and help direct us to the areas that need special attention.

Our team will continue to focus on the research and development of these new technologies. A few other examples of things on our radar that I haven't already mentioned include Smart (MZB) Grids, Advanced (MZB) Zones, Analytics, Benchmarking, Irrigation Mgt, Probe technology, irrigation modeling, and many others. We will continue to improve our digital experience, bringing you this information on-demand, 24/7, with online viewing and interactive options.

Ag Tech is moving at an unprecedented rate, and it is our job to sort through the noise to bring value to your farm. Keep up with the latest technology and news by visiting The CVA Agronomy division provides weekly updates in our AGRONOMY FOCUS and the SOIL TALK podcast. Click here to sign up for CVA Agronomy Email Updates

Prepare for the future, don’t let it surprise you!
For more information, contact your local CVA representative.

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