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Cenex Lubricants and Total Protection Plan

April 1, 2020

Central Valley Ag is committed to keeping your farm and business running efficiently and reducing your downtime to help keep you profitable.  CVA offers premium lubricants from CENEX, including engine oils, tractor hydraulic fluids, hydraulic oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, and several different grease products.  CENEX backs their premium lubricants along with their premium diesel fuels with their Total Protection Plan (TPP) warranty.

CENEX premium engine oils are engineered to exceed the highest standards in the industry.  Each type of oil is designed to properly lubricate, protect and extend the life of your engine.  CVA along with CENEX offer a full line of engine oils from the full synthetic Maxtron line for diesel and gasoline engines, to our premium conventional oils like Superlube for diesel engines and Auto Gold for gasoline engines.  Along with your typical diesel and gasoline engine oils, we also offer other engine oils for your irrigation engines, ATV’s, amongst others.

Along with our premium engine oils we also have several different tractor hydraulic fluids (THF) and hydraulic oils.  Products such as our Maxtron (THF), Qwiklift, Super Tractor Oil Universal Fluid, and other hydraulic oils help to protect your transmission, differentials, wet brake, power steering and hydraulics to ensure your equipment’s optimum performance. 

Other premium oils and fluids that CVA, along with CENEX, offer are gear oils and transmission fluids.  Your gears can experience some of the toughest conditions.  Our gear oils are designed to withstand immense amounts of pressure and wear, to ensure your gears are protected.  Transmission fluids are no different.  Our full synthetic Maxtron and synthetic blend Auto Gold transmission fluids ensure high quality shifting, brake operation and wear protection in all types of transmissions.

CENEX also offers a wide variety of grease products that help keep your equipment running smooth.  CENEX premium greases help extend the life of your equipment reducing costly downtime and repair expenses.  From full synthetic, synthetic blends, moly greases, all the way to food quality greases, CENEX greases perform under the most extreme conditions.

CENEX and Central Valley Ag back their premium oils and diesel fuel with the CENEX Total Protection Plan (TPP).  The TPP covers new and used equipment in order to help our producers reduce their downtime and give them the piece of mind knowing their equipment is protected.  New equipment is covered for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours and used equipment for up to 8 years or 8,000 hours.  The TPP extends protection well beyond original equipment manufacturers’ warranties.  The TPP covers your agriculture equipment’s diesel engine, injectors/injection and high-pressure pump with Ruby Fieldmaster fuel, transmission/hydraulics/final drive (common and separate sump), differentials/hubs, and hydrostats.  Along with your typical agricultural equipment, the TPP also has coverage for your irrigation engines including diesel, natural gas, and LP engines.

To learn more about Central Valley Ag and the premium CENEX lubricants along with the TPP, please contact your local CVA Energy department either by emailing us at or giving us a call:   
  • ‚ÄčNebraska  402-362-8434   
  • Kansas  785-392-3031   
  • Iowa  712-546-6382
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