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Extending the life of your equipment

April 26, 2021

With the rising cost of equipment, now is a great time to figure out how to make sure that one piece of equipment makes it through another year with minimal breakdowns, whether it’s a planter, sprayer, combine or any other piece of equipment, efficiency is everything when getting the job done.

No matter how old your equipment is, knowing how to maintain your fuel storage, oil storage, and properly checking the fluid levels in your equipment is crucial to extending the life of your equipment with the possibilities of minimal breakdowns.

CHS director of refined fuels marketing, Akhtar Hussain, shares three tips to extend the life of your equipment. In order to avoid fuel storage tank contaminants, establish a process for monitoring and removing water. A few ways to do this include:
  1. Regularly check your fuel tank for water
  2. Follow best practices for preventing water contamination
  3. Change filters consistently
So many times people take the best care of their equipment when it comes to fuel storage, oil storage, and properly checking the fluid levels in their equipment., but sometimes harsh weather conditions, extreme heat or cold, dusty weather can take a toll on your equipment and you have no control over that. 

Here at Central Valley Ag, we know what your equipment needs to help prevent harsh breakdowns when you need that equipment most. We supply CENEX branded products that are formulated for all weather conditions the Midwest can throw at you. Some examples below:
  1. CENEX Premium Quality Lubricants
  2. CENEX Ruby Fieldmaster
  3. CENEX Roadmaster
  4. CENEX Total Protection Plan Warranty
  5. Oil & Fuel Samples (sent to an independent lab)
So, the next time you hit the field, be sure to call Central Valley Ag for all your fuel and oil needs. We will help you get that extra year out of your equipment.
by Mark Pollet, CVA Energy Lead 
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